We are pleased to announce an increased number of scheduled cruise ship visits to the Cook Islands for the months of October through to December 2017.
Paul Gaugin cruises is a frequent visitor to our shores and was to arrive on Wednesday the 11th October but has been re-scheduled to stopover in Rarotonga on Friday 13th October 2017 before making her way over to Aitutaki the next day. This is the 5th voyage for the Paul Gaugin this year to the Cook Islands. From Aitutaki the Paul Gaugin will travel to Bora Bora. The Paul Gaugin on average carries 332 passengers and is serviced by 215 crew.
We also see the return of MS Caledonia Sky of the Noble Caledonia Cruise Line to our waters with calls at remote Palmerston and at Aitutaki this past weekend (Friday 06 October in Palmerston and Saturday 07 October in Aitutaki). According to the ships agent, Stuart Henry of Cruise Cook Islands, the Caledonia Sky’s visit to these islands was a fruitful and successful one. MS Caledonia Sky who carries approximately 100 passengers will return to our waters on Saturday 14th through to the 16th October 2017 with stops at Atiu, Rarotonga and again at Palmerston. From there the Ms Caledonia Sky will travel to Niue.
Director of Destination Development Metua Vaiimene said “We are delighted with the continuous growth of Cruise Ships visiting our shores with only a few cancellations occurring this season. We will continue to support the Cruise ship industry and look forward to more rewarding seasons ahead.”

Upcoming Cruise Ship schedule for the remainder of 2017

Friday 06 October 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Palmerston)

Saturday 07 October 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Aitutaki)

Friday 13 October 2017 - Paul Gauguin - (Rarotonga)

Saturday 14 October 2017 - Paul Gauguin - (Aitutaki)

Saturday 14 October 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Atiu)

Sunday 15 October 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Rarotonga)

Monday 16 October 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Palmerston)

Wednesday 01 November 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Palmerston)

Thursday 02 November 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Aitutaki)

Friday 03 November 2017 - Caledonia Sky - (Atiu)

Sunday 03 December 2017 - Massdam - (Rarotonga)

Tuesday 05 December 2017 - Paul Gauguin - (Aitutaki)

Wednesday 06 December 2017 - Paul Gauguin - (Rarotonga)


Celebrate Tourism Week

The United Nations has declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and in keeping with this theme Cook Islands Tourism and partners are proud to launch Epetoma o te Turoto or Tourism Week from Monday 25th September.

There is an activity planned for each day of Tourism Week (see Tourism Week programme).  There will also be activities scheduled at the Maire Nui Park - across the road from Banana Court - as part of Tourism Week (see Maire Nui Park activities).

The purpose of Tourism Week is to celebrate all things relating to Tourism and to highlight that tourism is everyone’s business.

The Tourism sector is the key driver of the Cook Islands economy, which contributes to over 60% of its GDP. As the leading industry for the Cook Islands, this week has been set aside to; acknowledge individuals and businesses who have provided outstanding service within the tourism industry in Rarotonga and Aitutaki; to highlight the positive and negative impacts of tourism; to raise tourism awareness and most importantly to spread the Kia Orana spirit.

Get involved in Tourism Week by participating in the activities scheduled for each day at the Maire Nui Park or watch our National Televised Tourism Debate as a launch into our community surveys or get your workplace to join in the fun for Kia Orana Day (see below for some helpful tips to enjoy a Kia Orana Day in your workplace, resort, school, community or organization). Click here for the Ei Making Competition Terms & Conditions.

There are no limitations to what you can do to participate in ‘Tourism Week’ so we urge you all to get involved to gain a greater understanding on how you contribute to the Cook Islands Tourism Industry.

Contact Sieni Tiraa on email: [email protected] or phone: +682 29435 for more information.



Welcome to the team

Cook Islands Tourism are excited to announce our latest tourism recruits to the team. Celine May Davis and Pauline Isamaela are our part time Aitutaki Tourism officers and based at our Aitutaki office. You will be greeted by these lovely ladies as you disembark Air Rarotonga onto beautiful Aitutaki. We welcome them both to the Cook Islands Tourism family.

Celine May Davis 

Celine May Davis 

Pauline Isamaela

Pauline Isamaela


Mana Tiaki takes to Aitutaki

The Mana Tiaki ‘Protect a Little Paradise’ programme run by Te Ipukarea Society has been in operation for nearly one year. Since its implementation, a total of 10 accommodations on Rarotonga have now come on board in support of this environmental initiative. Furthermore, following a recent visit in May to the island, two major resorts in Aitutaki have also shown interest in joining the programme.

A number of café’s and local businesses on Rarotonga have also shown their support for the campaign by housing a Mana Tiaki donation box. Even the departure lounge at Rarotonga Airport now has its own donation box.

Mana Tiaki ‘Protect a Little Paradise’ enables visitors to engage with our local conservation efforts by supporting the work of Te Ipukarea Society and local communities in looking after our natural environment. Essentially Mana Tiaki acts as a give back system, which allows visiting guests to give back to the environment they come to experience and enjoy here in the Cook Islands. This can be achieved by visiting guests making an open donation towards the campaign through participating accommodations or through the Mana Tiaki donation boxes scattered around Rarotonga. All donations collected assist with the funding of conservation projects across Te Ipukarea Society’s five strategic areas which include Youth, Eco Sustainable Development, Waste Management, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Te Ipukarea Society plans to continue to work closely with interested accommodations on Aitutaki, and will continue promoting the programme to accommodations  and businesses on Rarotonga to support our local environment through joining the Mana Tiaki programme.

If your accommodation is interested in participating, please call us at
Te Ipukarea Society on +682 21144 or email: [email protected] 


Ka kite Christopher Bishop.

Christopher Bishop joined the tourism team in March of this year as the new Kia Orana ambassador. In the time he was with tourism, he assisted Nane and Lydia with hosting visiting travel agents as well as helping to organize their Kia Orana values presentations. Whilst working for Cook Islands Tourism he won the senior male dancer of the year competition through Te Mire Ura – a significant achievement clearly showing his passion for Cook Islands culture. He was always willing to help the team and provided considerable support in the Information Centre. Through his assistance in the information centre Chris learned a lot about the areas of interest for visitors and displayed the Meitaki value well through the principle of Utuutuanga (service and care). Chris has decided to pursue other commitments with his final day with the tourism family on Friday the 23rd of June. We would like to wish Chris all the best with his future endeavors and to express our gratitude for having him as part of the team.



Destination Development Officer, Maire McFadzien in China.

Maire McFadzien from our Cook Islands Tourism Corporation head office travelled alongside 3 other youth from the Cook Islands.  Along with Angelique Elisaia (from Ministry of Justice), Tui Tupa (from Ministry of Culture) and Rangi Piri (from Office of the Prime Minister) Maire participated at the 2017 programme for young leaders from Pacific Island countries in Guangdong Province, China. The program ran from the 8th – 26th of May 2017.

From L to R: Maire McFadzien, Angelique Elisaia, Tui Tupa & Rangi Piri

From L to R: Maire McFadzien, Angelique Elisaia, Tui Tupa & Rangi Piri

Maire said that, “the 3 weeks spent in China has definitely been an eye opener for us all as we have learnt so much about the history and culture of China, its economic and social development, including China’s political system.”

The participants were fortunate enough to visit many of China’s historical sites and also meet with government officials from the Guangdong province.  

A major highlight for Maire was the building of networks and the creation of life-long friendships with our pacific island brothers and sisters, including the “many memories gained which will be with us forever”.

A huge Meitaki Maata to the organisers and hosts of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Foreign Affairs office of the people’s Government of Guangdong for this amazing opportunity.