Wayne Price from Brisbane, Australia has visited the Cook Islands numerous times, 21 times in fact. He attests his frequent visits to the friendly people, beautiful environment and the general ease of the island life.

From left Claire Wilson, Metua Vaiimene, Wayne Price and Aunty Nane.jpg

Of the 21 visits to the Cook Islands, this one was made extremely special because he was announced the winner of the online International Visitors Survey (IVS) winning for himself a voucher from Bergman and Sons to the value of $NZD1,500.00 courtesy of Cook Islands Tourism and Bergman and Sons.

The survey that Mr Price filled out is sent electronically to all the visitors to the Cook Islands and the survey winner is drawn at random once a year. The survey focuses on the characteristics, expectations and expenditure patterns of visitors to the Cook Islands.

This information enables effective planning and development of the tourism industry and highlights its crucial role within the broader Cook Island economy. As an added incentive to fill out the survey all participants of the online IVS go into the draw to win this fantastic prize.

Upon Mr Price’s retrieval of his prize, the staff at Cook Islands Tourism realized that this was his 21st visit to the Cook Islands making him a veteran visitor to the Cook Islands with many local friends. Kia Orana Ambassador, Aunty Nane from Cook Islands Tourism hosted him to a coffee and got to talk to him about what it was that kept enticing him back.  Aunty Nane found out that Mr Price had also visited Aitutaki during one of his many visits to the Cook Islands and identified the people of the Cook Islands, such as Aunty Nane the reason for his exceptional experiences and consequent visits.

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation would like to Congratulate Wayne Price on his 21st visit to the Cook Islands and for being chosen as the well-deserved recipient of the online International Visitor Survey prize.