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What is Meitaki?

Meitaki is one of the three core values of Kia Orana.

Meitaki means everything is good, well, OK and thank you all in one. Each of our islands have their own extension of Meitaki, always to emphasize the large amount of good being referred to. Meitaki Maata means - Thank you very much. Meitaki also refers to how we are feeling if we are feeling good. It is how we share how happy we feel. Meitaki is the sound of our Cook Islands Spirit shinning. 

Online KO Values_FINAL2.jpg

A1 Meitaki Awards

A1 Meitaki Awards


Have you encountered customer service excellence in the Cook Islands, we encourage you to nominate an individual, business or a organisation for an A1 Meitaki Award. Nomination forms and drop boxes for the A1 Meitaki Awards are located at the Cook Islands Tourism Visitors Information Centre, the Rarotonga Airport Departure Lounge, or simply CLICK HERE to download an A1 Meitaki Award Nomination Form and either drop it into one of the drop boxes or email it to Maire McFadzien at Cook Islands Tourism Corporation [email protected]



The Cook Islands Tourism Cooperation A1 Meitaki Awards were presented this week at the National Auditorium Domes to acknowledge the individuals as well as business in the Tourism Industry and the Rarotonga Community who provide authentic customer service to our visitors.

Tourism encourages Tupuranga Tangata or Development of our People which is a principle under one of the 3 core values which is Mana Tiaki in the Kia Orana Values programme. The 3 core values being Kia Orana, Meitaki, Mana Tiaki

"These values and principles have been adopted by the Tourism industry to celebrate, acknowledge, and reward those members of our industry that work with passion to show our visitors how we love our home," said CIT Director of Destinations Development, Metua Vaiimene.

The A1 Meitaki awards List is as follows.

The top 35 individuals or businesses for 2018 and 2019 for Rarotonga A1 Meitaki awards are: Ikurangi Eco Retreat, Cook Islands Library and Museum Society – nominee quote “Jean Mason is not only a caretaker of knowledge, she is an ambassador for the 'mana' of the Cook Islands”, Ngametua Mamanu of Tumutoa Tours, Villis Burger Joint, Avana Waterfront Apartments, Kura Happ for her contribution to making our visitors holidays memorable, Muri Beachcomber, Matutu Brewery, Danny Mataroa.

The next four recipients have won an A1 Meitaki Award before: Chad Hicks of Destination Cook Islands and formerly of Hawaiki Villas - “Excellent service, prompt and reliable, lots of knowledge about the island, friendly and welcoming, thank you Chad”, Louisa Charlie formerly of Club Raro. - “Louisa is the personification of Cook Islands beauty”, Paul and Michelle of Castaway – “are not just giving it their all, they are giving it more, 110% awesome”, Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruises – “the staff are dedicated and passionate, who made my day”.
Café Jireh, Steph Jansen of Raro Reef Sub, Sunset Palms of Arorangi, Dr Nick Stephany of the Ministry of Education, Caroline Parel of Pacific Resort, Little Polynesian Resort, Kiikii Motel, Antonia Poa of Captain Tamas Lagoon Cruises, Chantal Napa of Chantal’s Concierge, David Putairi at the Rarotongan beach resort Hotel, Alone Aumaro at the Shipwreck Hut and Aroa Beachside Inn, Lagoon Breeze Villas, Coral Sands Apartments, Josephine Jessie formerly of Ikurangi Eco Retreat, Charlies Café and Beach Hire, Thomas Ngauru of Cook Islands Badminton, Koka Lagoon Cruises received the highest number of nominations of any business or individual and the Tourism staff members also placed in the top 35 this year: Marthalina Opuariki, Tony Feao, Ani Katu, Lydia Nga, and Nane Papa.


A1 Meitaki Awards Ceremony 2015/2016

On Tuesday, September the 27th in commemoration of ‘World Tourism Day’ Cook Islands Tourism acknowledged the ‘Top 20’ A1 Meitaki Award Nominee’s from the first six months of the A1 Meitaki Awards programme which started in July 2015.  The commemoration event was held at 12 noon at the Maire Nui Park (opposite the Banana Court).  There was a fantastic turnout with all recipients, special guest as well as tourist who joined the Tourism Industry to celebrate the outstanding ‘Top 20’ individuals and organizations highlighted by our visitors. Meitaki Maata to all those who received awards, may you continue to provide A1 Meitaki service to our visitors and local people and be true Mana Tiaki’s of our islands.



Apu was successfully nominated for the A1 Meitaki Awards and a recipient of the A1 Meitaki awards ceremony coordinated by Cook Islands Tourism in September 2016. The A1 Meitaki programme provides our visitors the opportunity to nominate an individual or a business for their outstanding customer service. Apu was a special case in that he was a repeat nominee throughout all the A1 Meitaki Award rounds displaying his consistent quality service to the tourism industry of the Cook Islands. Visitors described Apu to be a true asset to the Cook Islands as he was extremely helpful, thoughtful, caring and humorous. He show cased Kia Orana Values by offering exceptional service through his vivacious personality. His knowledge of the Cook Islands was vast which he was always happy to share with everyone on board his bus. A common theme from visitors through the A1 Meitaki scheme was that “He definitely made riding the Cook’s Buses an enjoyable experience.” Apart from putting a smile on the faces of our visitors he also built lifelong friendships with the young children who caught his bus to and from school during the week. They too enjoyed his jokes and stories. Apu meant a lot to many of these children and many of them took to social media to share their experiences and encounters whilst on-board Apu’s bus. He will be truly missed by many.