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What is Mana Tiaki? 

Mana Tiaki is one of the three core values of Kia Orana.

Tiaki means keeper or guardian and Mana translates as influence or power. It means guardianship with a sacred purpose, to preserve it for future generations. The keeper has the power or ability to keep our culture and heritage alive. Mana Tiaki also refers to our responsibility as guardians of these islands and environment. 


Vaka Pride

















Vaka Pride


















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The Vaka Pride Prize giving was held on Wednesday the 21st of March at the Maire Nui Park, coinciding with Kia Orana Week.

Round 8 of the Vaka Pride competition included special bonus prizes for most maintained Marae with the historical context provided. Mana Tiaki Champions awards were also provided to individuals through their extra cleaning efforts within their villages.

Congratulations to the following individuals and groups who took out first, second and third placing within their respective categories for Round 8 of the Vaka Pride competition.

Akono I te Ao Rangi category focuses on most clean public areas helping to keep our islands pollution free and disease free.

First place: Takuvaine/Tutakimoa - $3,000                                         

Second place: Avatiu - $2,000

 These prizes are awarded to the village with the most points collected from Ministry of Internal Affairs monthly Tama Oire clean up results, Ministry of Health Tutaka results, and the National Environment Service (NES) complaints reports.

Well done to both these villages who scored very high in their monthly clean up reports. It was a close call between the two villages but one showed no complaints from the NES report and Tutaka results and this ultimately put them in the lead.


Tupuranga Tangata category judges villages on their community efforts to address issues of crime, dogs and other pests, and all other safety related issues in their communities. 

First place: Te Are Manu - $1,500             

Second place: Tupapa Maraerenga Community Watch-$700

Third place: Matavera District Committee - $300

 Nominations are received via the Oire Committees and the Vaka Pride Committee awards prizes according to the criteria and the effectiveness of the community initiative to address the issues. Te Are Manu operates on a volunteer basis and provides services to the animals on the island such as spaying, medication, nurturing animals back to full recovery and so forth. They need all the assistance that they can get to assist with their operations.

Tupapa Maraerenga Community Policing addresses the issue of crime through their neighbourhood watch. The Matavera District committee have taken on a new initiative of monitoring the dog issues and wandering complaints.


Peu Maori category judges villages on their efforts to maintain the overall tidiness of their villages and surrounding areas. This round of the Vaka Pride competition focused on, ‘plantations and produce growing’ as avid gardeners prepare to harvest their vegetables and root crops for distribution to the community and the tourism industry.

Individuals within each village, working in the focus areas are nominated by their village committees to receive special prizes from the Vaka Pride Committee. The prizes were awarded in the form of vouchers from CITC building Centre.

 First place: Unakea Kauvai  - $500 Voucher from CITC building centre

Second place: Arthur Matenga - $250 Voucher from CITC building centre

Third place: Tinirau Tamarua - $250 Voucher from CITC building centre


Maraes as historical sites were also highlighted areas of the Vaka Pride judging and led by the Ministry of Cultural Development. As such there were awards provided for the most maintained Marae who were also able to provide the historical context of the Marae. The prizes were awarded in the form of vouchers from CITC building Centre.

 First place: Murivai Marae o Tamaiva - $500 Voucher from CITC building centre

Second place: Kaekarai Marae - $250 Voucher from CITC building centre

Third place: Tau Nga Manu Marae - $250 Voucher from CITC building centre


Mana Tiaki Champion awards were special prizes up for grabs from Cook Islands Tourism Corporation for those individuals who go over and above their cleaning efforts within their village communities. These individuals take it upon themselves to clean up public areas such as the Nukupure Park and Muri lagoon as well as Papaaroa beach which are frequented by our visitors. These individuals were awarded vouchers from CITC building centre and are as follows:

Mata Hetland and Jane Tanner (cleaning of Nukupure park & Muri lagoon) - $250 Voucher from CITC building centre

Victor Teao (cleaning of Papaaroa beach) - $250 Voucher from CITC building centre

Get your village groups ready for the 9th round of the Vaka Pride judging which is scheduled for June 2018.

For more information contact Sieni Tiraa on email: [email protected] 


Vaka Pride judges impressed despite need for improvement

The Vaka Pride judges were impressed with the efforts of the Rarotonga Community in the latest round of the Vaka Pride competition despite obvious need for improvements in some areas.  The Vaka Pride judging was held on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th of February.  The judging for the Vaka Pride competition is conducted by the Vaka Pride committee. The committee members are made up of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Cook Islands National Council of Women, Ministry of Cultural Development, Office of the Prime Minister, Cook Islands Police, National Environment Services and coordinated by Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

According to Destination Development coordinator, Sieni Tiraa, “Vaka Pride judging on both days went extremely well. There were a variety of plantations inspected on the first day and a mixture of Maraes and historical sites visited on the second day all around Rarotonga. The plantations and historical sites on Rarotonga were the focal areas to visit for these two days as part of the Peu Maori judging category for the Vaka Pride competition.”

The Vaka Pride committee were impressed with the level of commitment and dedication from our local farmers. The traditional forms of planting capturing Peu Maori by using ‘Arapo’ (the moons and tide schedule) to plant Kumara (sweet potatoes) were pleasantly noted by the Vaka Pride committee.  The committee noted however that there were pockets of littering and dumping of household waste all around the island.  This along with overgrown sections and abandoned motor vehicles highlighted to the Vaka Pride committee that while people are generally showing their ‘Vaka Pride’ some in the community are letting us down.

The Ministry of Cultural Development representatives led the second day of the Vaka Pride judging focusing on historical sites and Maraes.  This day of Vaka Pride judging started with traditional leader, Tangianau Tuaputa from the House of Ariki leading the Vaka Pride committee to various Maraes around the island.  At each historical site he would provide the history and story of each Marae as he knew it. A total of 12 Maraes were visited around Rarotonga with maintenance and details of the historical significance of each Marae being part of the scoring criteria.

The Vaka Pride prize giving has been scheduled for Wednesday the 21st of March to coincide with our visitor activities week. Save the date to celebrate the progress of our local farmers and the continuation of our significant historical sites.

Meitaki maata to all the community groups, Vaka Pride committee and members of the public who have contributed to making this round of the Vaka Pride competition a huge success.

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Te Vaka O Ru

Te Vaka O Ru

Te Vaka O Ru awards Aitutaki Mana Tiaki’s

Te Vaka O Ru (TVOR) competition on the island of Aitutaki is mirrored on the Vaka Pride competition on Rarotonga. The TVOR committee which is made up of representatives from Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health, Aitutaki Conservation Trust, National Environment Services and the Police department, are the decision makers for the competition.

With the combined results from the TVOR committee the winners for this round of the competition have been finalised and are as follows:

Papa George Henry a true Mana Tiaki champion.jpg

Mana Tiaki Champion

George Henry 

Judging Category

Akono i te Ao Rangi

- Most clean beach areas

- Least amount of mosquito breeding sites

- Best reuse of rubbish & recycling methods

- Best kept public areas e.g. sports fields, community halls etc

WINNER: Aitutaki Conservation Trust $2,500


Tupuranga Tangata

- Best kept livestock

- Lowest crime rates

- Community Initiatives

WINNER:  Arutanga Village $1,250


Peu Maori

- Best voted flower gardens & beautification

- Best voted agricultural production

WINNER 1: Repaio Kiria $350 petrol voucher

WINNER 2: Tutai Anitonia $350 petrol voucher

WINNER 3: Thomas Hewett $350 petrol voucher


Mana Tiaki Champion Award - George Henry won a $250 petrol voucher for his extra cleaning efforts


The TVOR committee awarded the Akono i te Ao Rangi prize money to the value of $2500 to the Aitutaki Conservation Trust as they have been proactive with ensuring that recycle bins are stationed in areas required, be it for sports or leisure activities. The funding will be used towards a Clean Aitutaki Officer to help to maintain the compost toilets stationed at Ootu beach and Base 1, as well as maintaining recycle bins around the island.

The Tupuranga Tangata award of $1250 has been awarded to Arutanga Village as they have been proactive within their village. There has been focus within this village on working with the youth to steer them from getting into trouble and establishing cleaning groups.

The Peu Maori category was awarded petrol vouchers to the value of $350 to three deserving individuals for their efforts to beautify and maintain public access way and consideration of traffic when working on the road. Congratulations to Repaio Kiria, Tutai Anitonia and Thomas Hewett for their hard work and efforts that contribute towards the Te Vaka O Ru competition.

A special bonus prize for our Mana Tiaki champion was awarded to Papa George Henry who continuously cleans Ootu beach area from the inland to the shorelines. George Henry takes home a $250 voucher from Aquila for his extra efforts into maintaining this public area.  Ootu beach is the main launching place of the lagoon cruises in Aitutaki.

The prize giving for TVOR was on Saturday the 7th of April 2018 and all winners were announced and acknowledged on live broadcast with Aitutaki radio station.

Well done to the people on the beautiful island of Aitutaki who participated in their village clean up. The next round for TVOR is already underway with judging scheduled to take place at the end of June. So, keep up the good work Araura Enua!

For more information about the Te Vaka O Ru competition, contact Misepa Isamaela on: [email protected]