Kia Orana Ambassadors Visitations & Presentations Stepped Up !

The Kia Orana Ambassadors programme was launched to compliment the elements of the Kia Orana Values project.
The Kia Orana Ambassadors are responsible for maintaining communication and relationships with our visitors, industry, visiting trade and community. The Kia Orana visitations and presentations are conducted to suit their audiences but generally consists of 45 minute power point presentations, supplying Kia Orana values collateral and Kia Orana videos - Aitutaki and Rarotonga editions !
Their presentations include our core values which comprise of Kia Orana, Meitaki and Mana Tiaki.
Since the launch in Oct 2015 our Kia Orana Ambassadors have completed a number of Kia Orana Visitations and Kia Orana Presentations within the communities, organisations, schools, Government ministries and tourism industry sector to share and showcase the Kia Orana Spirit. These visitations and presentations have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the various sectors that have been visited.
The Kia Orana message has certainly taken effect by being well received and implemented through the respective groups.

Get on board by booking your visit from our Kia Orana Ambassadors by contacting Nane Teokotai Vainepoto Papa on ph: (682) 29435 or email: [email protected]