Cook Islands Tourism Corporation were proud to launch a similar programme to the Vaka Pride competition on Rarotonga and Te Vaka O Ru competition on Aitutaki in Mauke called Te Ieie o te Orau. Te Ieie O te Orau is a similar community programme to Vaka Pride and Te Vaka O Ru, where we can reward communities for going above and beyond to make their homes presentable for all visitors.

Although the competition has been formatted to the context of each island, the overall judging remains the same with general tidiness in public areas and beatification efforts being the underlying themes. For all three islands the judging rounds occur every four months, which means three times a year, communities can win cash prizes to go towards their small projects in the villages.

The launch of the competition on the island of Mauke was successful with the community groups really getting involved, and their efforts evident around the island on judging day. The village of Ngatiarua took out the top prize of $1,000, followed by the village of Kimiangatau with a prize of $800, and then Areroa Makatea taking out third placing and winning $500. The funds are to go into further beautification projects for the island of Mauke.

A great amount of work has gone into this community project and Cook Islands Tourism Corporation would like to thank all those involved for their contributions to the success of the newly established Te Ieie O te Orau competition.